Welcome to Training Camps Malta
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Who We Are?

TrainingCampsMalta specializes in organising training camps and competitions in Malta for individual athletes and team sports from around the globe according to your budget. Our aim is to provide a friendly, professional and personalised service for our clients.

The Ideal Destination

TrainingCampsMalta provides athletes with the opportunity to train in Malta, renowned for its all year round warm weather conditions, exciting nightlife, and a history dating back thousands of years. It is an island which offers numerous activities for those sport and adventurous at heart which get your pulse racing.

Best, Competitive Training Camps

TrainingCampsMalta will take care of every aspect of your stay. We offer you a sport experience with the very best sporting conditions and best quality and value for money accommodation depending on your demands, exclusive use of the training facilities, the organisation of competitions and friendly matches with similar opposition and comfortable transfer facilities.

Why not visit the world of TrainingCampsMalta and see what we can do to enhance your highest potential?

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